Bakery of DOOM

Hi there! You can call me Demon, but I'll respond to almost anything! I'm just a lovey lil toxger. I like to pretend I'm a super hero! (Though Pepper claims I am a Villain....) Most of the art on my theme is by my lovely gf Pepper!


Pregnant Ghost Bat having an ultrasound at Featherdale Wildlife Park


It’s Valentineees!

Awesome maddation asked if I could draw a valentines card for her and her girlfriend! It went a little overboard, though… Hope y’all like them
Have a pawsome day everyone

Oh yeah, and for you not-cat lovers, I made a dog one. 


052. Ten in The Doctor’s Daughter

He saves planets, rescues civilisations, defeats terrible creatures. And runs a lot. ”


I am what I hate most in the world

me: *sees axis powers fanart*
me: *sees romano and prussia are included*
me: yes good
viwan themes